Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Sometimes its the little things in life..

Happiness can be found from many things whether it be goals, holidays, family, experiences the list goes on. But sometimes its the little things in life that make me happy...

  • Making a FINE cuppa
  • Laughing with someone you love 
  • Star gazing
  • When you make someone smile
  • Tidying your personal space *whether it be work or bedroom*
  • When the sun is shining
  • Fresh Sundays are the one *so underrated*
  • That first sip of Pimms in the year - you know its Summer
  • Getting out the house, stretching them legs and going for a lil walk
  • Sometimes you just need a home cooked dinner to perk you up
  • Treating yourself to a fresh bunch of flowers *tulips are my fav*
  • Going to your fav gym class *release them endorphins babe*

PS Its been a while but I just felt like sharing this with you 

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