Saturday, 1 March 2014

March is here!

Can you believe its March already?! I can't wait for it warm up slightly here in the UK, I'm yearning for Spring to arrive. At the end of last month I set myself some small goals which included losing a few pounds, getting out of the house a tad more, to take more photos and to smile and laugh more. Looking back on the past month I have definitely achieved these goals, and I am quite surprised I managed it. I had some time off work in February as holiday and I really got to focus on my fitness and health and I lost 2lbs (I know its not a big loss but I'm still pleased!).

March is going to be a busy month for me in terms of work and social life, I have lots of things planned which I'm looking forward to. This month I've set myself a couple more goals, I would like to and need to drink more water! I hope to keep on track on my healthy eating and hopefully lose a few more pounds. My last goal this month would be to be get more organised, I would like to start planning my blog posts for the week ahead and also to plan some future Youtube videos.

I hope you all have a great March! Do you have any goals this month?

Lauren x

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