Monday, 17 February 2014

New In: Tanya Burr Lipgloss Range

 I was super excited when one of my favourite Youtuber's Tanya Burr announced she would be launching a lipgloss and nail range. I have been watching her videos since she first started out and she is one of many people from the Youtube/blogging community who truly inspire me. A few days after the release of the range and once payday arrived I visited FeelUnique to make an order, all of the nail polishes were out of stock unfortunately but I'm a sucker for lip products anyway and the whole range is so affordable. I opted for the four shades that stood out to me most, which was a tough decision as they are all such lovely colours and I want them all haha. The first one pictured is Aurora, Tanya mentioned in a recent video that this was fast becoming her favourite and I love a pinky nude lip colour. Then we have Picnic in the Park, which is a slightly brighter pink, but still amazing for every day. Next is Exotic Island, a true magenta colour. Lastly is Vampire Kiss, I'm obsessed with this red shade! All of the glosses smell amazing, like sweets (yum!) and I adore the names chosen for all of the shades. You can really tell how much effort, time and hard work that went into this whole range. Next on my wishlist are the shades Just Peachy, Afternoon Tea and Heart Skipped a Beat.

Have you picked up any of Tanya Burr's lipgloss and nail polish range? Let me know, I'd love to know your favourites.

Lauren x


  1. sooo lovely! I really love Aurora and Picnic in the Park :)

  2. Aurora is my favourite but they all look beautiful on you! Tanya is such a babe, so pleased her products are doing so well. Would love to get my hands on some glosses. Lovely little post and loving your blog too! :)


  3. Ah! Now you make me want Exotic Island as well... I'm putting more order at feelunique! Hahaha... Love them, I am very impressed and Tanya.. oh Tanya.. don't we just love her :) all look so gorgeous on you by the way!

    1. Oops haha, I know she's such a babe! Thanks lovely :)


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