Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Weight Loss Journey

A couple of weeks back I was feeling pretty down about myself and just having a miserable week or so, this was down to a couple of reasons but one of them was that I just wasn't giving my body the right food and instead filling it with rubbish. Don't get me wrong I never deny myself that sweet treat but lets just say I had a bit too many of those sweet treats (we're talking a family bar of Galaxy). I've been living a healthier lifestyle over the past year now and last Summer I was happy with myself and how my body looked, which is a big thing for me as I never really have been content with my body. Since coming back from my travels last August I have been slowly piling on the pounds and I've put on about 5/6lbs. Now that might not be a lot to some people but I hold my extra weight on my thighs and bum, and I can definitely notice a difference. So this week I'm starting my weight loss journey, ideally I would like to lose 10lbs by mid July, so around 5 months time. Even if I only lose the 5/6lbs that I put on over Winter, I would like to be more toned which is another goal of mine. To help me on this journey I've gone back to using the FitnessPal app which really helps me count my calories but also keeps me focused with what food I'm putting into my body. I'm incorporating fitness into my routine daily, by a number of ways ranging from the Davina Fit in 15 DVD, going out for long walks and doing the ab and squat challenge. This journey is about me being the healthiest person I can be as well as being the most positive person.

I'm doing a series of videos on my channel where every week I will update you on both my weight loss and measurements and how I've been that week. So if you would like to keep updated, or if you are on the same journey as I am then please leave me a comment on my video! 

Lauren x


  1. I really like this idea!
    I felt the exact same felt so depressed about my weight so I've started going to the gym everyday!
    stay positive!
    do you want to follow each other?let me know :)

    LifeWithFrancesca x

  2. I definitely need to start getting into more of a routine with exercise too

    Jennie xo |

  3. “…series of videos on my channel where every week I will update you on both my weight loss and measurements…” – This is a great idea. From this, you were able to document your journey, and you can watch it later on to know where you went wrong or what part you have to focus more. Sweet! Keep it up and for sure, you’ll achieve your goals in no time.
    -- Marty,Utah Wellness Institute

  4. I salute you for taking on the path to a fitter life! I can see you've set yourself some concrete and definite goals whis is very ideal. i've read some studies that this actually improves the chances of achievein the said goals. My only tip would be that you should always find ways to motivate yourself, and make your environment as happy as it can be. Stay beautiful Lauren and the healthy lifestyle is sure to follow!

    Ritchie Yip @ InFighting


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