Thursday, 27 February 2014

Interiors Obsessed

All images from Tumblr

I'm going to be redecorating my room soon and I looked to tumblr for some interior inspiration. My bedroom is relatively small and could never fit a double bed, but I've been planning for when I move into my own place (not anytime soon mind) and just generally getting an idea of what kind of style I like. I could easily spend hours doing this, oops!

Lauren x

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OOTD: Casual Knit

 Today was a casual knit kinda day. I chucked on a Topshop (few years old)cream jumper with my favourite Jamie jeans paired with a classic pair of Converse. Sorry about the out of focus shots, I haven't taken outfit photos in so long I'm not used to the self timer. Just before I sign off, in case you couldn't tell already - I fake tanned last night. Badly. But I love the fake tan itself, Cocoa Brown One Hour Mousse fyi.

Hope you're having a great week and thanks for all of the lovely comments on my last post!! 

Lauren x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Sunday Post: Afternoon Tea & Blogging Woes

I've had the past week off work so it has been mostly spent watching Breaking Bad and The Vampire Diaries - Netflix I blame you. I spent an afternoon catching up with a good friend of mine and proceeded to treat myself to afternoon tea and a slice of carrot cake, yum. I've been proactive this week and have been going for hour long afternoon walks with Mich (My Mum fyi). We popped into Waitrose and picked up some fruit, I have to admit they do the best fruit! I happened to wander into Topshop this week and I saw the most amazing slip on shoes that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment, so I caved. I love me some burgundy croc print shoes. 

In terms of blogging recently I've been so unorganised, I really need to focus on time management. I genuinely enjoy writing my posts and I spend hours reading other blogs and planning my own. I go through phases where I'm either happy with my blog and the content or time where I feel its just not where I want it to be at the moment. I know this is probably normal for every blogger out there, so I'm just going to continue working hard and spending more time on it.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

Lauren x

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wishlist: The Statement Necklace

I've fallen for statement necklaces, again. As soon as Spring arrives so does the costume jewellery, all of the necklaces pictured above are from Accessorize. After popping into my local shop on the whim I was pleasantly surprised by the necklaces they had to offer. My favourites are probably the 'Cleopatra' and the 'Princess Natalia' . 

Will you be wearing the statement necklace come Spring?

Lauren x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Weight Loss Journey

A couple of weeks back I was feeling pretty down about myself and just having a miserable week or so, this was down to a couple of reasons but one of them was that I just wasn't giving my body the right food and instead filling it with rubbish. Don't get me wrong I never deny myself that sweet treat but lets just say I had a bit too many of those sweet treats (we're talking a family bar of Galaxy). I've been living a healthier lifestyle over the past year now and last Summer I was happy with myself and how my body looked, which is a big thing for me as I never really have been content with my body. Since coming back from my travels last August I have been slowly piling on the pounds and I've put on about 5/6lbs. Now that might not be a lot to some people but I hold my extra weight on my thighs and bum, and I can definitely notice a difference. So this week I'm starting my weight loss journey, ideally I would like to lose 10lbs by mid July, so around 5 months time. Even if I only lose the 5/6lbs that I put on over Winter, I would like to be more toned which is another goal of mine. To help me on this journey I've gone back to using the FitnessPal app which really helps me count my calories but also keeps me focused with what food I'm putting into my body. I'm incorporating fitness into my routine daily, by a number of ways ranging from the Davina Fit in 15 DVD, going out for long walks and doing the ab and squat challenge. This journey is about me being the healthiest person I can be as well as being the most positive person.

I'm doing a series of videos on my channel where every week I will update you on both my weight loss and measurements and how I've been that week. So if you would like to keep updated, or if you are on the same journey as I am then please leave me a comment on my video! 

Lauren x

Monday, 17 February 2014

New In: Tanya Burr Lipgloss Range

 I was super excited when one of my favourite Youtuber's Tanya Burr announced she would be launching a lipgloss and nail range. I have been watching her videos since she first started out and she is one of many people from the Youtube/blogging community who truly inspire me. A few days after the release of the range and once payday arrived I visited FeelUnique to make an order, all of the nail polishes were out of stock unfortunately but I'm a sucker for lip products anyway and the whole range is so affordable. I opted for the four shades that stood out to me most, which was a tough decision as they are all such lovely colours and I want them all haha. The first one pictured is Aurora, Tanya mentioned in a recent video that this was fast becoming her favourite and I love a pinky nude lip colour. Then we have Picnic in the Park, which is a slightly brighter pink, but still amazing for every day. Next is Exotic Island, a true magenta colour. Lastly is Vampire Kiss, I'm obsessed with this red shade! All of the glosses smell amazing, like sweets (yum!) and I adore the names chosen for all of the shades. You can really tell how much effort, time and hard work that went into this whole range. Next on my wishlist are the shades Just Peachy, Afternoon Tea and Heart Skipped a Beat.

Have you picked up any of Tanya Burr's lipgloss and nail polish range? Let me know, I'd love to know your favourites.

Lauren x

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Video: The February Haul

I've been pretty naughty this month, what with spending a little bit too much on these purchases and booking my flights to Ibiza and Croatia this Summer. But if you want to see all of the beauty bits I picked up then feel free to give the video a watch, if you want to see more videos then you can visit my channel here.

Lauren x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Perfect Red?

I may have found my perfect Winter red lipstick, I first spotted MAC Viva Glam I whilst perusing my local counter. Its unlike any other red I own, the MAC website describes it as an intense brownish blue red and I have to agree. In the photo above it looks more like a true red but its definitely more of a burgundy red in real life. Lets just say I'm a little bit obsessed with it at the moment.

Whats your favourite red lipstick?

Lauren x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New In: Topshop Heels & Zara Knits

Here's some of my recent fashion purchases, I haven't been shopping for clothes in a while so as soon as payday came around I made my way to Zara and Topshop to see what they had to offer. I've been meaning to get a pair of strappy sandals for so long now, to be honest I'm used to wearing wedges so this type of shoe scared me. I picked up these Topshop heels and they're surprisingly comfortable and so much easier to walk in that what I thought. In Zara I picked up two fitted knitted tops, one in pink and the other of course in black (not yet online!). I'm actually going to go back and pick up another one in cream as they just fit  so well. There have it, my most recent fashion buys, I did also pick up a lot of beauty products this month so keep an eye out on my Youtube channel for a haul video coming soon!

Lauren x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

This Week: Insta Update

Payday arrived, oops! | Treat time | New Revlon lip balms 
Sunday breakfast | Candle of choice | Primark purchase

Happy Sunday all, I'm writing this post sipping on a hot chocolate whilst the sun is pouring through my window, bliss (however cold it is). In my Hello February post I mentioned this month my goal was to take more photos, whether it was with my camera or just snaps on Instagram - heres what I got up to this week and a few days before. Payday arrived so I decided to do a bit of shopping, oops. On my day off this week I treated myself and my parents to a coffee with a brownie, or two. I picked up some of the new Revlon Colourburst matte lip balms and I'm obsessed. Then we have my breakfast of choice this Sunday - granola and sliced banana with a sweet cup of tea. I also burned a new candle of mine this week, although I bought it a while ago its called Summer Scoop. Lastly I made a cheeky visit to Primark and picked up this little beauty of a bag. Another one of my favourite moments was going out for dinner with my best friend who was back from Uni this weekend, we opted for Mexican - yum! I was too busy scoffing my face and nattering to take a photo, oops.

Hope you all had a lovely week, what have been your favourite moment?

Lauren x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Style Wishlist

Can you tell that I am very much yearning for Spring and Summer, now?! I can't wait to start wearing  white, nudes and pastels so I've picked out some of my favourite pieces at the moment. What are you most looking forward to wearing as soon as the sun starts shining again?

Lauren x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The TMI Tag

Evening all - or morning depending where you're reading this from! Usually I post a video on my channel every weekend, but this week is slightly different as I have uploaded another video midweek. I was tagged by the ever so lovely Roisin and Kassia to do the TMI tag, let me know if you enjoyed it.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Lauren x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hello February

Hello February. This past week I most definitely have been a victim of the January blues, no idea why but I just felt a bit sad, ever have those days or weeks? As its the start of a new month I have a few small personal goals which I want to achieve by March. They include losing a few pounds, getting out of the house a bit more (no Lauren, work doesn't count), take more photos - whether its a quick snap on Instagram or using my fancy camera and lastly, to smile and laugh more.

Just before I sign off, I uploaded a new video this week all about my top five blushes. I'm currently editing another video which will go up midweek, so keep an eye out!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, let me know if you have any goals for February.

Lauren x

[all images from tumblr]
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