Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Candles

 Yes, I said it. The C word, Christmas! This year I'm little bit obsessed with candles, in particular warm vanilla scents ready for the festive season. As soon as I saw the Salted Caramel Yankee candle I knew it had to be mine, I've tried this one already and it made my room smell of caramel for the following two days! I've yet to try the Vanilla Chai scent but I had this on my wishlist quite some time ago, its a touch spicier compared to the previous and I cannot wait to try it out tonight. I did also buy a few more candles which I have shown in my recent haul video on my Youtube channel which you can see here.

What are your favourite candles? 

Lauren x


  1. Really wanna try these.


  2. hello :) just want to say that I've nominated you for a Leibster award! http://faceitamy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/leibster-award.html

    Love the blog xx


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