Wednesday, 21 August 2013

España Part 5 - PAMPLONA

After our sunny stay at San Seb we arrived in Pamplona. The home of the annual San Fermin festival, in which the 'Running of the Bulls' is the main attraction. We settled in the hotel for an hour then we headed out for the evening. 

This is where the bulls are kept before the run, we had our own mini bull run which ends at the old bullfighting ring.


 The view from the hotel room, it was a lovely hotel just a tad far from the centre of Pamplona as we managed to get lost after our evening of drinks (definitely not caused by the cheeky mojito, or two!)

I thoroughly enjoyed our evening in Pamplona, theres so many wonderful little tapas bars to choose from. After dinner we headed to a narrow street of bars and I have to say I had the best mojito I've ever had for 4 euros! One of the best things about Spain has to be the freepour - without sounding like an alcoholic haha. I had one of the best nights on the trip in Pamplona and I think most of my tour friends would say the same. The evening ended with us getting lost for about two hours trying to find our way back to the hotel, we eventually found our way with the help of a friendly Spanish couple (Spanglish at its best).

Barcelona we're coming for you.

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