Monday, 19 August 2013

Cream Tea on the quay!

   Afternoon! I've decided to break up my Spain posts a little with a lifestyle post. If you didn't already know I live on the south coast of England, with some of the best scenic coastlines and sandy beaches in the country. 

I decided to pop down to Poole quay on a wonderfully overcast summer day to treat my parents to a cream tea by the sea. We went to a local cafe called Oriel which has a variety of yummy pastries, desserts and cakes to choose from! We all opted for a sultana scone with a dollop of jam and clotted cream. 

After we polished off our scones we had a wander along the quayside, where you will never fail to spot a Sunseeker (they are produced in Poole).


The Old town of Poole with all of the narrow streets and cobbled lanes is much prettier and quieter than the main shopping area.

I very much enjoyed my afternoon tea with my parents and they raved about Oriel. So if you are in the local area and fancy affordable food or drinks then I would thoroughly recommend it, and the staff were lovely. 

Now, time for a cup of tea I think..

 Lauren x

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