Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekly Wishlist

Bobbi Brown lipgloss | Zara wallet | Nuxe lipbalm | Topshop cami

Hi everyone, I haven't done a weekly wishlist in few weeks but I am back with some more things I have been lusting after. So to start is this Bobbi Brown lipgloss its from the neon collection and I love how vivd it is, I am very much a gloss girl in the Summer months! Next is this Zara wallet, the embroidery on the front is amazing and it drew my attention immediately, I think this would make the perfect makeup bag. Another lip product I have my eye on is this Nuxe nourishing lip balm, I have seen so many great reviews on this product and its definitely the right product to get my lips in tiptop condition after the long winter we've had here in the UK. Lastly is this Topshop cream cami, I have it in bright pink and the fit is lovely. Its such a versatile piece and great for the hotter months ahead!

Thanks for reading my latest wishlist post, leave a comment below with whats on yours.


  1. That wallet is gorgeous, Zara has such amazing pieces. I also want this Topshop cami but primark have similar ones now for £5! :) xxx

  2. They do don't they! Ooh really I have to get myself to Primark soon then :) xxx


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